PURE the Winery is proud to say that our wine is vegan

Most people think that wine is vegan by definition, and that is not surprising, because wine is made from grapes. Unfortunately a lot of wines are not vegan because animal products are used during the clarification of wine. Such animal products include gelatin, fish glue and protein.

Fortunately there are good vegan alternatives in today’s wine making process.


We are proud to say that the winemakers of PURE the Winery wines use a special ceramic filter, bentonite. Bentonite is a type of clay with which wine can also be filtered. So we make a wine free of animal raw materials and of course proudly vegan.

We are proud to display our vegan logo on every single bottle of PURE.

PURE the Winery is also proud to be one of the first alcohol companies in the world to display a nutritional label on every single wine bottle. Another world first.


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